Craving Certainty – Energy savings, facemasks and offsides

I recently listened to a fantastic podcast likening the use of VAR in professional football to certainty surrounding the impacts and restrictions related to Covid-19. A key message from the podcast was that we, the general population, crave certainty around topics as complex as a global pandemic (or the refereeing of football) in simple binaryContinue reading “Craving Certainty – Energy savings, facemasks and offsides”

Working from home in the lockdown – How is my carbon footprint affected?

In the days when this lockdown status was looking inevitable, given what had gone on in other European countries, I had a conversation with a colleague about the impact of this on our carbon footprints. At first, we initially spoke about how much our carbon footprints would be reduced, if we all worked from homeContinue reading “Working from home in the lockdown – How is my carbon footprint affected?”